10 Responsive Web Design Do’s and Don’ts


While responsive web design is a must in these changing times for every organization, very few companies get it right. Creating a responsive web design is like creating a miniature version of your website and the scope expands beyond cutting website corners. That’s precisely why, you need to hire a good web design service provider.

For simplicity, here are 10 dos and don’ts that one must follow:

Do’s of a Responsive Web Design:

1. Design a mobile website first with all the features and then build it for other devices such as tablet, notebook and desktops. The reason is that for larger devices, you can create larger images.

2. Create designs that are user-friendly. Ultimately, your website design should give the end users a seamless experience. So, keep them in mind first.

3. Create your designs that meet robust designing principles.

4. Keep it light- Designs that are light can be loaded fast. Keeping in mind the net browsing charges the users need to pay, it is best that you create designs that load fast on mobile.

5. Use large fonts: It gets difficult to read small fonts on the mobile. So to enhance user experience, use large fonts.

Now, you know the do’s of responsive web designing, let’s check the Don’ts:

Don’ts of Responsive web design:

6. Don’t create designs with little or no value for aesthetic purposes. The ultimate purpose of web designing is to offer users a web friendly experience. If it doesn’t meet this target, it is a futile effort.

7. Don’t go live with your designs before you test it. You need to try and test all the features from the user point of view, when it’s still on the staging server.

8. Small links can be a pain on a mobile device. The navigation and buttons should have adequate distance between them. Ideally, keep a margin of 15px margin to facilitate all types of users, including those with bulky fingers. Likewise, keep the body font size at 16px and the height at 1.4.

9. Don’t overdo… After designing, take a fresh look at the design to make it crisp, clear and clutter free. Remove whatever that the design can do without… Multiple navigation bars, side bars and more. These can be a real pain for the mobile user. So, just make it simple!

10. Don’t jump into the rat race of being fashionable. What is fashion will get obsolete tomorrow. Instead focus on the end-user. How they will perceive your design on their tiny mobile devices and will they have a pleasant experience browsing your website.

When you hire a web design firm, specifically discuss these do’s and don’ts. These points will also shed light on their expertise.

by Mahendra Raulo