3 Benefits of a Well Organised Content Management System


A Content Management System enables easy options to change, edit or create new content on a website. It is essentially a web app that can perform the tasks of a web developer. Since it enables easy access and makes regular action possible, it’s also called as a Dynamic website. A content management system (CMS) is developed using various platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento.

3 Benefits of a well Organized Content Management System:

  1. Ease of access
  2. Ease of Development:
  3. Search Engine Friendly

Ease of Access: Ease of access is the most important advantage of having a Content management system. With a well-organized back-end there is no need for a costly developer. Changing, editing and updating text or graphic contents gets easier and faster than ever before. Creating a new page, blog post or categorizing existing pages are all just a few clicks and keys away.

A Well-organized content management system also allows more than one user to edit or create content. Common CMS platforms such as WordPress can also be used from a mobile device, making blogging or editing on the go easier.

Ease of Development: Most CMS websites are developed using WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. All these platforms provide a variety of previously developed plugins and themes, making it easy to install new plugins or themes. Furthermore once an organized CMS website is developed, plugins and themes can be used at will to suit individual needs without the need for a developer.

Such ease of development and management of a website means it is possible to change the website’s design (theme) or add advanced plugins to check the number of visitors or social plugins. In fact there are free plugins that changes your website’s design and appearance automatically and regularly.

Search Engine Friendly: Do you know that most website’s get more than 80% of its traffic from search engines such as Google? Yes it is true. As a result optimizing your website to get the most out of search engines is very important.

Achieving visibility through search engine is easier with a well-developed CMS website as it enables constant updates of contents. Furthermore certain plugins will make it easier to add Meta tags, descriptions and keywords making it highly SEO-friendly.

CMS can also help develop a perfect link structure through internal links as it makes it easier to add blogs and pages. Google loves such a well-structured link structure as well as regular flow of contents. As a result well developed & used Content management system will help increase both Google Page rank and SEO rankings.

With great many advantages, developing a well-structured content management system is recommended for every website.

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by Kumar Palani