3 Do’s and Don’ts To Growing Your Business With Social Media Marketing


Many people were and still are curious about improving their business through social media marketing. There are lots of people with testimonials, some even of very remarkable results from the strategies they’ve tried. Some others have reported mediocre results from it, at the same time, still, others have reported little if any real results.

Social Media Marketing Is Tougher Than You Thought, Right?

Surely most of us jumped into this thinking social media would be one of the easier tasks. Upon further experience, it’s easy to conclude that gaining an online presence is no joke.

However, it’s not at all complicated to uncover the secrets to keeping away from failure and to succeeding. Although I do want to stress, markedly, that you shouldn’t fear failure. There are specific requirements to ensure success marketing your brand online, but it doesn’t take a degree in Marketing or Business to figure it out.

You will find two kinds of information about social media marketing that you’ll need to be familiar with. The first is the positive, need-to-do part, the “do’s”. You need to know what should be done if you want to succeed. This is particularly true if you’re just beginning your business.

Secondly is the “don’t’s”, the undesirable, need-to-avoid part. Being aware of what to avoid when you’re first putting your business or brand out there is crucial. Your ability to succeed can be decreased or damaged unless you know this, and you especially need it, to make sure you never fail outright.

Alright, let’s look into 3 of the do’s and three of the don’t’s of improving your business and brand through social media marketing:

First “Do”: Repost Other People In Your Profession’s Content

Repost colleagues’ content. The reason for this is simple. 1) People are doing the same thing you are. Think of it this way: if you had over 12k followers on Twitter, wouldn’t you still want your name and brand retweeted regularly to continue gaining more followers?

In addition to the exposure, reposting colleague’s content is a respectful gesture. It shows that you acknowledge their ideas, tips, and content. That in turns leads to recognition from your colleagues, who will then be more likely to interact with you. They may even share your business, brand, and content as appreciation and support, exposing you to their pool of followers of the same market.

First “Don’t”: Add And Follow In Large Numbers

This means don’t be that account with barely any content following random people like crazy hoping they’ll follow you back. Shoot even if you do have content, don’t do that. The reason why this is not advised is simple: it’s sketchy and it’s lazy. It’s also not effective and efficient in attracting the right followers.

For instance, If you type in a random hashtag related to your field and just start following people who used the hashtag, you have no idea what audience you’re interacting with. They may have just used that tag that one time and the rest of their posts are about completely different topics.

In short, they would never actually buy anything you’re selling. With this in mind, at the end of the day, aren’t we trying to find potential clients or customers?

Second “Do”: Experiment

You should embrace this because it involves the chance of failure. When I say experiment, I mean don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and try new things. If you’re one who doesn’t take rejection well, I’ve got news for you: to make money you’d better suck it up, cupcake. As the old saying goes, “scared money don’t make money.”

You may be in the middle of one strategy, decide it’s not working, and contemplate trying another one; and the best advice to that is go for it! Any entrepreneur or business owner will tell you that they never would’ve come up with their million-dollar idea had people not told them their original ideas sucked. If you’ve plateaued in followers and haven’t done anything to change it up, it never hurts to try something different.

Second “Don’t”: Be Complacent

This may sound obvious, but as an entrepreneur, you’re technically never off the clock. It’s easy to get into those modes where you feel like going all out on promoting yourself. You’ll be commenting and posting on every social media platform and slowly gain recognition. With some of this recognition comes more followers.

Here’s where many fall off the wagon, however. As you’ll notice in the social media business world, you’ll have to watch people. They’re about their business, even if it’s shady. So instead of following you for the sake of actually being interested, they’ll follow you only to get a follow-back, then unfollow. As your numbers dwindle, your followers may notice. They may also notice that there’s inactivity on your account and decide you’re no longer worth a follow. Harsh, but it’s fair enough.

If you become complacent and don’t post or put your name, business or brand out there consistently, you could lose both followers and trust that you’ll deliver what they want regularly. Instead, you should help yourself out by scheduling time out of your day to dedicate specifically to posts.

Make sure you don’t forget to post on each social media platform during each allotted time. Hootsuite is an excellent app for automatic scheduling, eliminating the chance of human error.

Third “Do”: Be Consistent

And I’m talking on every level and platform. You really need to do this since successful brands are the ones that are recognized. Additionally, if potential partners and customers are scanning through their feed and can quickly recognize both your brand and content on one social media platform, they may seek your other social media pages. It helps them to help you when they can quickly search and find your brand. This is why it’s imperative to remain consistent with all watermarks, logos, and content all across the social media board.

Third “Don’t”: Blow Up People’s Feeds

Just don’t be that person. Generally speaking, most people do not like seeing the same person’s content showing up over and over again in their news feed. Doing this wreaks of desperation. It screams, “HEY! Look at me! I’m trying to make money by taking your money!”

That may be a little drastic, but you get my point. Now, this doesn’t apply to all social media feeds. Twitter, for example, is more forgiving about constant posting. It’s more private than Facebook and Instagram, so oftentimes if you look at the list of people and entities a business account is following, you’ll likely see a theme. This means they chose to follow that account because they want more of that content on their feed.

Other than that exception, avoid posting too often. What you need to do in its place is interact with people. Try looking for potential customers or clients and respond to a question of theirs. If they said something you really agree with or you feel you can help them with something, like their comment and let them know!

Also, network with people and other businesses in your field. Ask them questions and get more information from them. It’s an excellent way to find potential business partnerships, and it’s flattering to your colleagues (remember, the more they’re mentioned, the more exposure they get as well)!

Your Followers Will Spike With The Right

On the whole, it’s important as an entrepreneur to have the mindset of seeing almost every social interaction as another opportunity for networking. This includes social media. In this day and age, it especially includes social media. It may not be traditional face-to-face interaction, but social media interaction presents more opportunities for business and brand growth than you may even realize.

Now you can boost your chance of improving your business through social media marketing. It really is easier than you think! All you need do is proceed with the above advice. Simply do the “do’s” and you should not do the “don’t’s! Just follow these recommendations and the followers will speak for themselves!

by Anthony Richard