Business Web Design – How to Launch Your New Business Website On Time


As the owner of a web design company, helping my clients launch their new business web design on schedule proves to be challenging at times. From whatever point you look at it, delays are costly. Failing to launch your business website on time may cost you new business, and if you have ongoing marketing and no website to support it or the wrong one, you are losing money that way too. Getting a business web design is serious business, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Why? The bottom line is 85% of all people when surveyed said that they go to the company’s website first prior to calling them or making a purchase.

Here are a few tips for launching your new business web design on time and on budget.

Start with a Plan.

It is important to identify the goals of your website and create a sitemap that will help you support your website goals. Once you have identified your website goal(s) it will help you to decide what information you need to add to your website in order to support those goals, i.e the pages that your website will consist off.

Prepare Your Content.

Probably one of the biggest causes for the delays I see is waiting on a client to provide their website content. This occurs for two reasons, most people don’t like to write or the thought of doing it scares them. I strongly suggest that once you have identified your website pages that you work with a professional copywriter to help you come up with the content for your website. Not only will you get your content prepared, but the right copywriter will capture the essence of what makes your business unique, the right content that captures your website visitors attention and supports the search engine optimization efforts of your website.

Select Images That Communicate Your Message.

Another challenging task when working on your business web design is the ability to select the right images that communicates your message and supports the message of your content. Perhaps you will use images that you took specifically for your website; perhaps you will purchase royalty free stock photography. You can opt to select the images in advance or select it during the design. Affordable stock photography can be purchased through websites such as,, amongst orders. A simple search on Google for “royalty free stock photography “should bring up a lot of options for you to choose from.

Get a Design That Drives Your Message Home.

Obtaining a business web design should be more than about pretty aesthetics, it should be about driving your marketing message home and communicating that message clearly to your website visitors in order to achieve the desired results you seek. Your design should be based around content to further get your point across and drive your message home. More often than not you will find that a simple website that gets to the point will produce better results than a flashy website design.

Ensure that you are Fully Engaged In the Project.

If you are hiring a professional web design company or web designer for your business web design, ensure that you are fully engaged in the project to provide timely feedback and sign-offs. Failure to do so will result in the project being delayed and depending on the terms of your web design contract, it may result in you incurring additional charges.

by Nicole McCullum