Does Your Business Really Need a New Website? Check With These Simple Steps


A dated old site that you still use could be the primary reason for a slowdown in your business. Keeping an old site is foolishness from a business point of view as it has done its job and is now a customer turnoff rather than an attraction. The shiny new site designs with amazingly simple interfaces are the pick of the season and you should opt for one too. But wait, is your site really a troglodyte from the past? Check these simple signs to be sure.

1- Does your site still draw substantial traffic? Think of your site as the face of your business or even your showcase. You should be getting lots of traffic on your site but if you aren’t then there is a problem. The problem could be in the advertising department and if it is there, it needs be remedied. But if still nothing works and no incoming traffic is seen then you should start thinking of rebooting your site or changing it. The look, the interface, everything should be changed with the help of a professional Web Designing company.

2- Lots of dead ends: Does your site have numerous pages that don’t seem to go anywhere and lots of dead links? Then this could be another reason for lack of traffic and subsequently in the need to upgrade. Dead pages are a customer annoyance too and could lower the credibility of your site and in turn, the credibility of your business. This could be a glaring example of the lack of professionalism of your business.

3- The look itself feels dated: Look long and deep at your site or ask for a third person opinion. If your site actually looks old fashioned or unnecessarily complex then it is time to ditch it and hire a professional website development company immediately.

4- Complex interface where it isn’t easy to find things: Imagine you are searching for something on your site and couldn’t find it. If such a thing happens to you then just think of the problems that your customers might be facing when visiting your site. The scenario is scary, isn’t it? Having a complex website easily defeats the purpose of having a site in the first place as a site is made for the ease of the customer.

5- Does it look good on a Smartphone? The whole world is hooked to a Smartphone and your customers will most probably look for your site on their phones. So does it look good on a Smartphone? If no, then start upgrading it immediately to a better mobile friendly interface.

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by S. Kumar