Ecommerce Website Design – Two Main Differences to Consider


Most designers discuss plenty of details before they can provide their clients with an acceptable final web designs. However, this does not necessarily mean that these companies are the most effective choice to successfully meet your web shop designing needs: they like to make something pretty and push the required functions into it.

If you hire a web designing company, be prepared to confront them with expert criticism. This article is particularly important if you have no specific ideas for an effective web shop design.

We can say design is one of the most important components in your ecommerce website, but usually not in the way you think. Easy navigation and elements to assist conversion are popular, but you can not use them as effectively in a premade web shop design as in your own personalized one. Of course after implementing numerous obligatory elements, you will not have sufficient space to place some unique and autotelic unit. Whatever you sell, no matter who your prospect is, just concentrate on overall impression.

On the other hand, we need to distinguish two cases: when you sell your own product (you produce something, so the web shop is used as an additional direct sales channel) and when you are a classic retailer who sells someone else's product.

Why should we separate these? Because each needs to provide different information to shoppers. As a retailer you may sell well branded hardware, so it is needless to prove a product's quality. Big companies do that instead of you. Your task is to convince customers of the value of your services. If you sell your own products (or you are a sole trader) your main competitor is other manufacturers. In this case, communicating the advantages of your products and building up the brand are the main tasks.

In practice, more spectacular design and positioning elements are advisable in the second case, since visitors often infer quality from web shop design. For instance, the website of a company making and selling luxury goods needs to look luxurious, as well. Your website has to communicate visibly what it says textually. By contrast, these externals do not play a significant role in the web shop of a retailer. The retailer is not responsible for providing the quality of the product, so service content is more important. But never forget to fit design to your positioning strategy. In the same way, your competitive advantage must be communicated: a spartan website will implying you are the cheapest.

Finally, you have to study whether the appearance of the product is sufficient for a customer to make a decision. There are goods which are in all probability not purchased for what they look like (a notebook or a printer), although in case of, for example, a suit, looks are rather important.

by Sandor Nagy