Guide On Using Using Facebook to Market Your Business


Over 45% of small business owners use Facebook as one of their online marketing strategies. The unfortunate thing is that up 40% of those using the platform don’t get results that propel their business forward. According to Facebook experts, the reason for the poor results is because most of these people don’t use the platform properly. To help you out, here are tips on how to properly use the social media giant to market your business:

Have a Facebook page

A Facebook page is similar to a profile. When you create a page users will be able to “like” it and be receiving your updates. When creating a page use the name of your business. It’s also recommended that you also get a vanity URL. This is a URL where your username is the web address for your page. You should note that you need to have a least 25 “likes” on your page before you claim a vanity URL.

To make it easy for people to find your page ensure that you use the appropriate category for your business. Also pay close attention to the About section of your page. Accurately describe your business and products that you sell. To make it easy for people to find you sprinkle the keywords that your customers might be using to find you. If you have a website, put its URL there. This is to encourage clicks to your site.

Your cover and profile photos are the first things that visitors see when they visit your site. The photos should be professional and accurately reflect the look and feel of your brand. When it comes to the profile photo, it should be your business logo. To prevent the photos from appearing skewed ensure that they are of the right size.

Take advantage of groups

Unless you are in a unique business that doesn’t have other players, there will always be Facebook groups that you can join. Facebook groups are similar to discussion forums. You can join already existing groups or if there isn’t one in your area of specialization, create it and invite people to join.

For effective marketing on these groups avoid hard selling your products. Start by building a reputation. You can easily do this by offering valuable advice and tips. Just like in other social media sites, be consistent.


These are tips on how to use Facebook to market your business. To have a great experience, never spam your fans. If something isn’t of value to your fans, don’t send it to them.

by Stephen C Campbell