How to Find a Good Joomla Developer


A lot of web design and development companies today claim to specialize in Joomla development services and position themselves as Joomla experts that can provide great results. But what is it that actually differentiates real Joomla experts with the mediocre service providers. Read more to know what you should look for before hiring a good Joomla developer.

Joomla Customization Services – How to find a good Joomla Developer?

  • The first and the basic step is to differentiate a mediocre developer with the good one. Look for the Joomla development company that has a track record. Not just for 2 or 3 years, but several years, may be 5 or more.
  • Review their web development portfolio to judge the quality of service, read testimonials, get client references and call them.
  • Ask questions such as: if developers offer hosting for Joomla and why, and if not, then where do they refer that the site be hosted and why?
  • Ask them for a SEO strategy as part of the proposal. Compare it to other web developers in India.
  • Find out the number of developers that will be working on your website at the hired web development company.
  • Make sure to ask who will own the rights of the website and the content after the project is completed.
  • Always prefer a company to hire dedicated Joomla expert according to your requirements. Please make sure that the developers submit a detailed proposal and payment term is well defined.
  • Make sure that they provide daily or monthly work reports, if in case you have decided to hire dedicated web developers.

There are a few experienced web development firms in India offering good Joomla Development Services that can provide desired results and meet the above mentioned requirements. Since the freelance Joomla developers are not that much reliable, to avoid any hindrance in your Joomla website development make sure to hire a reliable and good Joomla developer.

by Jyoti Mali