Social Media – How to Market Your Business on Facebook With Facebook Pages


Facebook is a goldmine of targeted leads for any online business. No printed, audio or visual media could give you the same amount of free exposure you can get on Facebook and your business page can become your 'second homepage' if you implement it correctly.

While all Facebook activity is hidden behind the login wall, Facebook pages are accessible from search engines and people do not need to login to Facebook to access Facebook pages.

With the FBML tab you can design a customized business page on Facebook that mimics your actual website.

By using networked blogs you can integrate your blog into Facebook and have your posts automatically published on your business page and simultaniously update your Twitter account with a Tweet.

There are some basic SEO you can do on your business page:

Choose the name of your page wisely

Do not stuff the name of your page with keywords. Use your business's real name and do not change your page name as this could cost you some much needed SEO points.

Your Facebook Page username

As soon as your page has 100 fans, you will be able to choose a username which will change the URL to your page to If you used your business name as the name of your page it would be wise to use the same for your Page username.

Utilize the 'About' text box

The 'About' box is the highest place in the CSS structure where a page owner can place keyword rich information about their business, product or service.

Info Tab

The info tabs are great opportunities to add some more keyword rich keywords and high priority links to your business page.

For Local Searches the address, city, state and zip code are very important.

For Product Searches the company overview, products and mission are very important.

Direct linking to your own site is an important feature of the Info tab.

Static FBML

This application can be added to your page and here you can place more lengthy information to your page. It also adds to your page density and you can add anchor text, images with alternative text and keyword rich content.

Direct linking

Status updates is brilliant for placing direct links relative near the top of the page CSS structure.

I prefer to attach a link because Facebook pulls the title and images from my page. The text it pulls from my site is a golden opportunity to add some more keyword rich text to my page.

Adding extras

Photos – use keyword rich descriptions for your images you add to your page.

Events – Include text with your keyword in the event description.

Discussion forum – Add this functionality to your page to add interactivity to your page.

Remember that all the content shared on your Facebook page is indexable by search engines. Therefore you should use these tools wisely and optimally.

Inbound linking

The easiest way to get inbound link to your business page is to make use of the Fan Box widget which you place on your website. This Fan Box includes links to your Facebook page.


The more fans you have on your page, the more intra-Facebook inbounded links you will have on your page.

Your fans should be encouraged to comment and discuss on your page and even add some links and photos.

Your Facebook page should be handled in the same way you handle your main site. It requires the same amount of attention and if used wisely can give you targeted traffic which no website owner can survive without.

by Wayne Dosbon