Web Design for Small Business – The Essentials


Here are a few essentials that you will need when considering getting a web design for your small business.

Domain Name– If this is your first website, you will need to purchase a domain name also known as a website address so that people will be able to locate your website.

Web Hosting– Without web hosting your website will not be accessible online. When purchasing web hosting services it’s important to know what a hosting company uptime is and how secure their servers are. If your website requires your customers to send confidential information via your website, security is important. Although web hosting can run the gamut in price for a few dollars a month to $50.00 plus, the key is ensuring you are working with a company that has a good uptime rate, so you don’t have to worry about your site going down, high security on their server and 24/7 support.

Business Logo– If you are going to invest in a website, there is no point skimping on a logo. If you already have one great, if you don’t you should get one, most web design companies should be able to design a logo for you at an additional cost. There is simply no point in investing in a website only to take away from it by not having a professional logo that is an identity for your business.

Website Content– Most web design companies require that the client provide the content or hire a professional copywriter to help you write your website content. Honing your marketing message is very important, because although you may capture visitors with a great design, the content and your marketing message is what will ultimately keep them interested and get them to contact you.

Website Images– Whether you would like to add a picture of you or your team to your about us page, showcase examples of your work, or use pictures to get your message across, you will need to determine whether you will provide the images for your website or you will use stock photos.

Marketing Collateral– If you have already designed marketing collateral such as business card, and stationery or brochure and you don’t plan on changing them, it is a great idea to provide those to your web designer or web design company so that they can create a consistent brand when designing your website to match your existing collateral.

by Nicole McCullum