Web Designer Tips: The Importance Of Website Maintenance


1) Bounce rate: A bounce rate that is high is an indicator that the newly created website has not been effective in involving visitors. The website should include more information that would aid in drawing more visitors.

2) Landing pages: Monitoring landing pages is also key to understanding visitor behaviour as, if people don’t proceed beyond the page, then they haven’t got what they were looking for.

3) Overview of content: An update on this will guide you on what visitors are looking for. Determine the popular content on the website and increasing those pages will improve traffic. When designing a site, it is difficult to determine what topics would interest visitors and what topics wont. However, after the site is active, monitoring will aid in zeroing in on pages of content that are preferred.

4) High traffic days: Not all days attract the same amount of traffic and there certain days when a lot of people may visit the site while certain others when traffic may be low. Monitor days during which the traffic to the site is maximum and publish announcements and special offers during those days.

5) Time spent in the site: Calculate the average time a visitor spends in the site to assess the quality of the site. If the visitor stays for a very short time then the content present in the site is not what he/she is looking for. A visitor should stay for a minimum of 4 minutes in the site, indicating interest in the site. Determine why visitors don’t stay long, it could be due to poor content or that the site is difficult to navigate.

6) Number of pages viewed: Some visitors visit just the landing pages while others visit other pages in the site. The deeper they delve into the site, the better it is. It also means that when visitors visit more pages, they find the site useful and are reading through more information. When visitors do not move beyond the landing page, then the content available in the landing page needs to be checked.

7) Effectiveness of the site: The goal of the website is to convert a visitor into a customer, whether it is to buy a product or just to sign up for a newsletter. The degree of conversion varies from service to service. The nuances of designing a website are understood by a good graphic design company who work towards creating effective sites by following these three essential steps;

a. Provide a good design for the webpage which is colourful, attractive and easy to navigate

b. Provide clear information on the services or the product on offer.

c. Provide prominent access to buttons for download or for signing up.

All these services can be accommodated by a good freelance graphic designer or a graphic design company that are serious about directing traffic to the site.

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by Max Chohan