Web Site Marketing Specialist – What to Consider Before You Hire


If you are in business of any kind, being on the world wide web is an important step to expanding your business and making your product/service available to as many as possible so you can be as successful as possible. Many are realizing that having a website is not enough since the purpose of having it is to generate new customers and sales. Many, perhaps yourself included have considered seeking out a web site marketing specialist to drive high quality traffic and new prospective customers to their business online.

If you are looking to hire a web site marketing specialist talk with others you know who are also online or contact sites you visit often to see how they handle their SEO and what their experiences have been. You want to ensure that you hire a reputable company that isn’t going to increase your rankings using ‘black hat’ strategies or spamming other techniques. There are tools available online to help you find a web site marketing specialist. SEO forums would be a good place to start as well as SEO consultant directories. If possible seek out a firm that often handles businesses similar to yours. Don’t be afraid to ask for customer references if the firm wasn’t a referral This is a great way for you to establish creditability and confidence in the company.

There are pros and cons to hiring a web site marketing specialist just as there are to doing the work yourself. Here are some things to consider before you hire. There is the obvious advantage of not having to do the work yourself, wether you feel you don’t have the knowledge or the time and/or ability to learn online marketing. In hiring you can focus on other aspects of your business. If you do hire someone to do your SEO for you still expect to be a part of the process. A good company will want to know your business goals.

This is definitely a service that is becoming more in demand as more businesses head online. To give you an idea of how much a web site marketing specialist is going to cost you, here are a few details regarding one I checked out in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, which is the closest large city in my area. From their website I gathered they specialized in search engine optimization and pay per click services. When I inquired regarding their services this was the reply, “Our services varied in pricing depending on the complexity of the project and overall competitive landscape. A typical consultation and site optimization ranges from $2,500 – $10,000 and ongoing management services range from $500-$5000 a month.”

If it’s not in your business budget to hire a web site marketing specialist, consider taking the time to learn effective marketing strategies yourself. Or even if you can afford to hire, the knowledge can be very beneficial for other existing business adventures or future ones. Perhaps you’d feel more relaxed knowing exactly how effective the SEO is that you are doing. The drawback is time. It does take time to learn effective SEO but there are also the free marketing methods that have potential to generate consistent traffic and once there are always there, like articles and videos. In finding a training program online that has marketing training accessible 24/7 would allow you to learn free and paid marketing tactics, as you made time still allowing you flexibility to attend to other parts of business as necessary.

Your decision to Hire a web site marketing specialist can very depending on your businesses capabilities, finances and goals, but your decision should come down to the amount of time you have to learn the process yourself and your budget. When done well either by you or a expert, SEO and online marketing methods are very effective in promoting your businesses and increase success.

by Dawn Strydhorst