Why You Need Ethical SEO Services To Survive Online


Ethical SEO services are perhaps the rarest Internet enhancement solutions to find. There are plenty of companies offering search engine optimization, but how many of them follow the ‘White Hat’ techniques that are vitally necessary in today’s world of immense competition? While the world is in a new era of Internet advancements, website management is most vital for any business or brand. An online presence is the key to commercial success and global branding. But if your company intends to increase website sales and online marketing presence, Black Hat SEO companies could tarnish your reputation.

So how do we separate White Hat and Black Hat SEO companies? All of them offer services like pay per click management and both are different faces of a search engine marketing company. However, while White Hat services are accepted globally to be providing proper solutions within the rules, parameters, and norms of web management; Black Hat enterprises intend to optimize your website in any way possible; usually be using all the techniques unacceptable by the norms of Internet regulations.

However, the days of Black Hat companies have come to an end since the arrival of Google’s Panda Updates in February of 2011. Ethical SEO services are now the only way to continue having online visibility, because the Google algorithm jumped a few steps and now will only accept high quality content and a proper search engine marketing company’s work. Old techniques like keyword jamming and irrelevant back linking will now result in instant ‘Panda Slapped’; i.e. such sites will be banned from search engine results instantly and permanently.

Pay per click management is often thought of by many people as a low quality web optimization technique. Of course, it is not an organic SEO method, and a paid service; but in no way is it a Black Hat technique. PPC management is vital for e-commerce; but in very limited counts and very selective quantities. If your company wants to increase website sales, organic and ethical SEO services would serve just as well! You just need to be on the lookout for a proper company, with all the necessary resources to enhance your website.

Your search engine marketing company must have a strong content development team. Content is vital for any form of search engine optimization services, because it is the primary pillar of all ethical SEO services methods. With good content that has been written maintaining the keyword density rules, your web optimization will be organic, and under no fear of getting ‘Panda Slapped’.

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by Kathleen Chester